Scarf Prints for Mum - Jamaica Observer

2022-05-14 22:05:02 By : Ms. Aileen Lee

Floral prints on silk scarves worn atop the head and knotted securely under the chin, draped around the handle of your favourite handbag, or wrapped bandeau style across the body, have evolved into scarf-print clothing. It’s a ‘thing’ as we head into the warmer months, according to a recent Teen Vogue article. And if a reference point is required, hark back to Dynasty, Falcon Crest and Sex and The City, the weekly TV series that were required watching long before Emily in Paris. Remember the ubiquitous Versace print, a melange of paisley, chains and equestrian-inspired motifs? Good! Because they’re back!

The print is in fact everywhere — on blouses, skirts, leggings, and thankfully, available locally courtesy of Sue-Ann Lee, principal of trendy boutique Diamond Couture. First things first, though, Tuesday Style Fashion suggests a flip through her lookbook to show just how to tap into the trend, without the haute price tag!

PS: Happy Mother’s Day!

Photos: Joseph Wellington & Zoomin Entertainment

Check out Diamond Couture on Instagram/@diamondcou.ture, or visit the boutique at Shop #11, 7 Eastwood Park Road