"Slatérra is Delta blues meets Latin rhythm, a combination that hasn't been expounded upon... Kevin's slide guitar prowess is reminiscent of the greats, ie Duane Allman and Robert Johnson"

--Mike Lawler, The Allman Brothers, James Brown, Steve Winwood

Slatérra is a band from Nashville, TN, where the American South meets South America. The group's combination of delta blues and latin jazz feels like a fresh twist on Santana and The Allman Brothers Band. 

The group is fronted by 26 yr old guitarist and vocalist, Kevin Slattery, who combines his experience in acting to deliver theatric performances like a modern Jim Morrison. Percussionist Jesus Agreda uses the power of the drums to transform the music into the rhythms of Latin America. 

The music of Slatérra caught the ears of long-time Nashville musician and producer, Mike Lawler. Lawler, a former member of The Allman Brothers Band, James Brown, and Steve Winwood, immediately called the group into his studio after seeing them perform live in Nashville. The collaboration between Slatérra and Lawler is soon to reveal its first production.

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