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2022-05-14 21:58:06 By : Ms. Kelly Zhao

Upgrading to an electric toothbrush? These are Consumer Reports-approved 

Headbands tend to be one of those undervalued hair accessories associated with school girl uniforms or extreme runway moments. But over the last few years, the classic hair accessory has gotten a serious makeover.

Headbands for women today are more classy than cutesy, but before we give this comeback hair accessory another try, we consulted the pros to find out how to style six of the most popular headbands styles around.

The vibe: Simple and sweet! A thin headband can look sporty or classy, depending on the material and hairstyle you choose.

The vibe: Utilitarian yet chic. A knit winter headband with a bow is a fashion-forward alternative to earmuffs or a hat.

The vibe: This one's for all the glam gals out there! A bejeweled or embellished headband is the perfect fashion-meets-function accessory to top off your tresses.

Show off your long locks: Try a low-lying ponytail that's gently pulled back to the nape of the neck. "Use a soft gel to create texture and secure with bobby pins placed behind the ear," Rivera said.

The vibe: Versatility at it finest. A knot headband in a sleek material looks refined yet sassy all at the same time.

Perfect your part: "This is a great look to wear with a middle part to make a fancy, sophisticated statement. The part gives some youth while the sleek exterior offers refinement," Hillier explained.

The vibe: Classy meets cool. A scarf headband can be worn a myriad of ways and has the added advantage of being super soft and comfy.

The vibe: A simple, thick headband can easily blend in when worn further back on the head or make a bolder statement when placed right at the hairline.

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