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2022-06-04 03:29:34 By : Ms. Tansy Feng

Pokemon Unite released a Ninja Style holowear for Decidueye turning Rowlet and his evolutions into Naruto characters, and players love it!

When Pokemon Unite was released almost a year ago, it brought the popular monster collecting game into the world of MOBAs. Unite would resemble a simplified version of League of Legends or DOTA 2 and allow players to control some of their favorite Pokemon.

Not only would this offer a new style of Pokemon combat, but players would also be able to dress their avatars and Pokemon using holowear. These costumes are purely cosmetic meaning they don’t offer any competitive advantage.

However, it is intimidating going up against a player who looks ready to throw down on the battlefield. And that’s definitely the case for anyone wearing the Ninja Style Decidueye costume.

Who? Who? Who is that flying silently across the rooftops to dunk a goal? Ninja Style: Decidueye is now available in #PokemonUNITE! pic.twitter.com/dJ2XiFeNLx

— Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) May 30, 2022

On May 29, Pokemon Unite revealed Ninja Style Decidueye which featured the anthropomorphic owl sporting a new hood and Naruto headband. However, Rowlet simply wearing a ninja headband would be the one to steal the hearts of Pokemon fans.

While the spotlight was originally on Decidueye, the focus would quickly shift to Ninja Rowlet after Twitter user NintendoFanGirl posted a photo of its costume.

The caption read, “THIS is a work of art. This is the single greatest advancement in the history of Pokémon. He will be the next Pokage.” Pokage is a pun of Pokemon and Hokage which was Naruto’s main goal in the manga/anime.

With tens of thousands of likes and thousands of retweets, it’s safe to say she isn’t the only Pokemon fan smitten by Naruto Rowlet. Several users claimed this costume would make them main Decidueye, while others stated Ninja Rowlet would make them pick up Pokemon Unite again.

THIS is a work of art. This is the single greatest advancement in the history of Pokémon. He will be the next Pokage. pic.twitter.com/EUJuOKNkfc

While it isn’t an official Naruto crossover, Pokemon fans like to think it is. Many users on Twitter are drawing the comparison of the ghost-grass starter to the Nine-Tailed Fox stating they’re “here for it.”

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