Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band Share Touching 'American Kid' | News | Clash Magazine

2022-05-14 21:55:14 By : Ms. Carol Cai

Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band have shared new song 'American Kid'.

The songwriter's new album 'Dear Scott' is out on June 3rd, another dose of wit, charm, and world-building from the Liverpool bard.

New song 'American Kid' is online now, a coming-of-age tale about two kids growing up by the Mersey.

Touches of Americana intrude in Michael Head's inimitable palette, the gentle rise and fall of the vocal matching the realistic theatre of the lyrics.

'American Kid' is about two best friends growing up in Kirby, Liverpool. They were in the same class at school, the same Sunday League football team and are inseparable. Todd's going away to university and Eddie is off to finish drama school, then astonish Broadway.

Eddie's been brought up in a household of Americana, old movies and western-themed soap operas from the 60s like Bonanza, The High Chaparral and The Big Valley. The equivalent of Emmerdale only with Stetsons and guns. He says things like 'shucks' and doesn't think about tipping his imaginary Stetson to lollipop ladies saying something like 'thank you kindly ma'am' in a Louisiana accent.

When Todd gets back from university a lot has changed. Eddie now lives in the town centre and has become Kathy. Gone are his “shucks” and southern charm. He's in a different world and happy as their friendship grows even stronger.

'Dear Scott' will be released on June 3rd.