Easter Baskets For Babies: Toy Ideas, Baskets, & Books

2022-05-14 22:01:17 By : Ms. Gao Aria

From teethers to snacks and toys, here are some perfect ideas for your baby’s Easter basket.

After becoming a new parent I was so excited about all the firsts — not just the developmental milestones, but all the fun milestones. I couldn’t wait for baby’s first holiday, especially baby’s first Easter. Obviously, your infant isn’t going to remember their first Easter, but you absolutely will. Easter baskets for babies can be fun, and in addition to toys and fun stuff, you can also get away with buying practical things your baby may need, like teethers, rattles, pacifiers, blankets, diapers, etc. And don’t forget about the adorable spring baby clothes.

Seriously, is there anything sweeter than baby’s first Easter? All the pastels, all of the little bunnies and chicks, all of the gingham and floral — it’s just the sweetest. These ideas for Easter baskets for babies include everything from what to put in your baby’s Easter basket to the types of baskets you can buy for your little one. Whether you want practical baby Easter basket stuffers or something more fun (like filling plastic eggs with their favorite baby snacks), there are tons of ways to get creative. And while your baby may not be able to decorate eggs or go Easter egg hunting without a lot of assistance, you can still ensure they have fun.

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Toys For Baby’s Easter Basket

This is the most fun part of filling an Easter basket. You can’t have an Easter morning with Easter baskets without some toys from the Easter Bunny, right? These toys are not only super fun for your baby, but they’re also developmentally appropriate and work on sensory skills.

Edible Treats For Baby’s Easter Basket

Even though your baby probably can’t eat those delicious Reese’s Eggs quite yet, they can enjoy their own special treats. Up until my son was 3, he would get his favorite snack in his basket (Goldfish crackers). I tried cookies when he was 2 and he was not having it, so enjoy these tasty and sensible snacks for your baby while you still can. (Bonus: you can pop them into some colorful plastic eggs for them to shake, rattle, and open.)

Baby Accessories For Baby’s Easter Basket

Get away with giving your baby practical gifts they actually need and will use that aren’t toys while you can. Plus, this can even be a little gift for yourself if you choose to splurge on that sweet homemade baby blanket or those adorable bandana bibs you’ve had your eye on.

Wearable Baby Easter Basket Ideas

Gotta get those babies Easter Sunday and spring ready in these beautiful and whimsical pastel threads.

Monogrammed Easter Baskets For Babies

Who doesn’t love a monogram? From welcome signs on your door to your children’s book bags, their clothing, and even your Yeti water bottles. This obviously extends to Easter baskets, and what a sweet gift for your baby’s first Easter — their very own monogrammed Easter basket.

Soft Easter Baskets For Babies

Durable, safe, fun for baby to touch — you can’t really go wrong with a soft Easter basket for baby. Plus they come in characters and other fun shapes for pictures and for your kid to enjoy.

Wicker Easter Baskets For Babies

For a more traditional approach to your Easter basket, you’ll love these beautiful wicker Easter baskets for your baby. They’ll last a long time, and if you’re like my mom, you’ll repurpose them into a bow basket that holds approximately one million bows for your kid.

Plastic Easter Baskets For Babies

If you’re looking for no frills, no fuss, and durability, a plastic Easter basket for baby may be for you.