‘Captain Cook’: SAD leader’s jibe at Amarinder Singh for his dinner with Olympians | Cities News,The Indian Express

2022-05-14 22:09:31 By : Mr. Andy Wong

Taking a jibe at Capt Amarinder Singh for cooking and serving Olympians at his farmhouse last evening, former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha and senior leader of SAD (Samyukt) Bir Devinder Singh said that the Chief Minister is oblivious to the woes of the state and indulging in his favourite pastimes.

“After cooking the goose of Punjab and failing the state in all dimensions, ‘Captain Cook’ has now returned to his favorite hobby, cooking, and other allied activities of his routine pastime, fun and frolic, completely oblivious of the vast obliteration and loot of Punjab when mafias rule the roost, during his regime,” said Bir Devinder in a statement released today.

The Chief Minister had cooked some of his favourite dishes yesterday to fulfil a promise made to the Olympic contingent that he had made. He said that he started cooking at 11 am and finished the dishes at 5 pm. The players had praised the food cooked by the CM and said they had been honoured to have been invited by him to his farmhouse near Chandigarh.

Bir Devinder also went on to compare the Chief Minister with Emperor Nero.

“Emperor Nero was playing the flute while the city of Rome was burning. It is also narrated in history that Emperor Nero later built his ‘Golden Palace’ on the land that was completely ravaged and devastated by fire and he also used its wasteland and dissipated surrounding as his pleasure gardens. If the obnoxious activities at the newly built ‘Siswan Palace’ of the Chief Minister, near Chandigarh, are consciously taken into account, it is almost reminiscent of the same evocative expression that of ‘Rome Burning and Nero playing the fiddle’,”

The senior leader accused the Punjab CM was indulging in photo ops wearing chef’s apron, cooking delicacies for Olympic medal winners and personally serving them at a time while the entire farming community of Punjab is battling for its survival.

“The employees of the state go without salaries, job vacancies are being cancelled after entrance exams, trees of Mattewara forest and many other green belts are being cut down mercilessly, coal reserves for thermal power have virtually finished, teachers are being lathi-charged unabatedly every day, unleashing brutalities of all sorts, drug deaths and farmers suicides are peaking in Punjab while the CM indulges in hobbies,” he said.

He further questioned whether it behoves the Chief Minister to indulge in such “hollow exhibitions” when his state is in the state of “absolute peril”.

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