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2022-05-05 08:22:58 By : Mr. Charles Chen

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The Fitbit Charge 5, introduced in August 2021, is a follow-up that brought with it a touch of modernity to the product lineup, keeping it in step with other products from the OEM. The attention-grabbing changes are its new frame and its colorful always-on AMOLED color display, the latter being a departure from the black and white panels we've seen before.

With the new design, Fitbit has also introduced three colors for the metal frame on this fitness tracker, and to go with it, you will find a plethora of first and third-party options. Thus, in this article, we have shortlisted some of the best bands that you can pair with your Fitbit Charge 5.

Fitbit Charge 5 ships with a new design that implements curves at its edges and a display that brings color to the Charge lineup. If you're looking for a fitness tracker that's good-looking, premium, and highly capable, this is an accessory worth checking out!

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro brings a rugged look to Fitbit Charge 5 while introducing elements that ensure it is protected and ready for intense activities. A metal buckle at the end of the strap will keep the band in place while you move around. While precise cutouts on the case allow access to features your Fitbit offers.

The Fitbit Infinity Band is the default strap bundled with Charge 5. This accessory serves as the perfect replacement in case you wear out the included one or would prefer to pair a different colored band with the unit you purchased. Fitbit Infinity Band is available in three colors, Black, Lunar White, and Steel Blue. (You will see the default configurations listed at the end of this article.)

The Fitbit Sport Band uses a mesh-like design that will allow your wrist to breathe, thus, avoiding the percolation of sweat to a certain extent. It is perfect for those performing high-energy workouts who tend to work up a good sweat. Fitbit Sport Band is available in five colors, Cherry, Blue, Black, White, and Pink.

The Fitbit Hook & Loop Band uses nylon and a percentage of recycled polyester to create an accessory that offers an adjustable fit — due to its fastener — that remains comfortable for all-day wear. Fitbit's Hook & Loop Band is available in two colors, Blue and Charcoal.

The Fitbit Leather Band is the perfect accessory to pair with your classy or elegant outfits. The leather used here is tanned in Chicago and is said to patina as you continue using it. Fitbit has paired the band with a plastic connector and an aluminum buckle. It offers this accessory in two colors, Black and Plum.

Surundo Slim Bands are the accessory set to get for Fitbit Charge 5 if you would like to have several options ready to pair with your outfits without spending a fortune. It features a tuck and pin closure mechanism to ensure the band stays on your wrist and does not move much. The bands are available in a one-size configuration, said to fit 5.1" to 8.7" sized wrists.

The Ouwegaga Printed Bands use a design similar to Fitbit's Infinity Band but replace the plain look with patterns that will make the fitness tracker look more fun! It is available in two sizes and has eight different patterns on sale, from the floral design featured in the product image to animal-based options like a cheetah print.

The WNIPH Nylon Loop comes in a pack of five, with each band featuring a different color. It is suitable for wrists that are between 6.3" to 8.3". The OEM has implemented a velcro-based design to lock into place and markets the accessory as breathable, lightweight, and durable. These factors make them a perfect workout alternative to Fitbit's Sport Band.

The Osber Elastic Band is an alternative nylon option for those who wish to have more security than the velcro-based locking system might provide. It is available in five different designs — bundled into separate packs — and even offers users an option between Graphite or Platinum metal connectors which will color match your fitness tracker, leading to a smooth transition. It's perfect for wrists sized between 5.5" and 9".

The KOREDA Stainless Steel Loop is a stylish accessory to buy for Fitbit Charge 5 if you want to incorporate a metallic look into your outfit. According to the OEM, the material used here is non-toxic and shouldn't cause skin irritation. Whereas the fit will be perfect for wrists which range between 5.7" to 9". The accessory is available in three colors, Black, Silver, and Gold.

The Shangpule Metal Strap, which is available in four styles, uses a classic watch-like metal link design that will add polish to your final look. The accessory is perfect for wrists which measure between 5.2" and 7.9" and, like the previously listed stainless steel loop, promises great durability.

Getting a replacement band can be a task, especially since fitness trackers have also added a style component. Hence, if you've had trouble picking an accessory, here are some of our thoughts on the options listed above.

If protection and usage in active scenarios are the only thoughts in your mind, in that case, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro for Fitbit Charge 5 is the clear option. It adds lots of protective material to the fitness tracker and brings a traditional metal closing mechanism that will provide the sense of security you may be looking to get! And the fact that port access isn't compromised is another plus.

But if you're on the other side of the spectrum and need your tracker to look less out of place in a formal setting, the Fitbit Horween Leather Band or the metal accessories from KOREDA or Shangpule will serve the purpose. The leather band also introduces a sense of personalization with the patina that is bound to form with prolonged use. While the metal accessories, i.e., the metal loop and metal link bracelet, ooze class.

Apart from these, we really like the look of the Fitbit Sport Band and the first-party Hook & Loop Band. They're both going to be comfortable for long-duration wear and have an aspect of breathability to ensure your hand remains free from sweat.

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