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Published 14:59, 01 September 2021 BST | Last updated 14:59, 01 September 2021 BST

A TikToker has shared a hack to remove a festival wristband using a carrier bag. You can watch how she did it here:

Steph Woodall (@steph.woodall) posted the video which will help others have a reminder of the festivals they attended without having to cut the bands off.

I mean, each to their own but it's also better than having 17 different coloured wristbands going up your arm for months on end.

Writing on the video itself, Steph explained: "Getting my Leeds fest wristband off without cutting it," before the video showed her putting the handle of a plastic bag through the material band.

She then fed the rest of the carrier bag through so that her fist was inside the bag itself and pulled it out so it looks like this:

She then simply wrote: "Pull down," revealing the final clip of her wristband free arm.

In the comments section of the video, Steph went on to warn viewers: "Please be careful doing this, mine wasn't too tight. Please don't do it if it gonna hurt you."

Replying to the clip, one person wrote: "Just took my Creamfields band off this way. Worked perfect for me, my boyfriend's didn't." Well, you win some, you lose some.

Another added: "it works even if my hand is a size of a gold ball. At least my Reading band is safe."

Giving people another option to try, someone else said: "You can put a straw inside the metal bit and it should slide off - it's worked for me with other wristbands."

Another who had clearly just given her wristband the ol' snipperty snip, commented: "If I had seen this 20 minutes ago," followed by a sad face emoji.

Someone else shouted: "WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I NEEDED IT 12 HOURS AGO?"

Others didn't understand what the point would be, explaining that festivals usually change their wristbands if she was thinking of putting it back on next year.

Steph said that's absolutely not what she intends to do though, she just wants to keep it as a memory.

Some people didn't understand why festival goers wouldn't just cut the piece of fabric and for others it was a chance to brag about how long they've had their bands on for.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/steph.woodall

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