2022-06-04 03:30:59 By : Ms. Cindy Wang

According to Južne vesti, three Belgrade companies have been awarded the job of drafting project-technical documentation for the roll at the Constantine the Great Airport in Niš.They will be paid 13.8 million dinars for the work, and according to the documentation, they should design an extension of the parallel taxiway and an isolated position for parking the plane.The companies VS infra Design, Elgra Vision and Neo Aerodromes Engineering got the job, which, as it says, will do 80 percent of the work.Read more: 146,000 passengers at Nis Airport last year, five percent less than in 2020. Business Jan. 10.2022 4 Business Jan 102022 4According to publicly available data, this company is specialized in activities related to air traffic, and so far it has cooperated with Nikola Tesla Airport in only a few tenders, writes Južne vesti.According to officially available data, this is the first tender for the company VS Infra Design to win a job, and the company was founded in 2019.The oldest in the whole story is Elgra vision, which has existed since 2006 and has already won a job in Nis as part of a consortium around the Slovenian Resalta, which should have already started modernizing public lighting on the streets of Nis.These three companies were the only bidders in the tender announced by the Airports of Serbia, and their work will be related to the roll and parking for planes at the Nis airport.The goal of preparing the subject technical documentation is to build an extension of the parallel taxiway and an isolated position for parking aircraft at the airport Konstantin Veliki Nis."The purpose of the technical documentation is to connect different parts of the airport - platform, taxiway on the platform (Apron Taxiway) and runway (threshold 11), in order to develop air traffic at the airport and expand its capacity, with the shortest possible retention of aircraft on takeoff - to the runway, ie as soon as possible to the runway and fulfill the requirements from the aspect of safety ", it is written in the documentation.It is also necessary that the taxiway and isolated parking position with all their characteristics enable the acceptance of the largest aircraft (code letter E) with the establishment of preconditions for the highest standards of traffic safety and the process of servicing aircraft, passengers and belongings.Airbus 330 and 340, as well as Boeing 747 and 777, have the code letter E.The parallel taxiway and the isolated parking position should form a continuity with the expanded newly designed part of the platform and the parallel taxiway and fit into the new and expanded terminal building.According to Južne vesti, a tender for the selection of contractors should be announced only after the project documentation has been prepared.