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Warriors’ Klay Thompson erupts for another brilliant Game 6 performance, leads Dubs back into the Western Conference Finals

The Golden State Warriors are back in the Western Conference Finals! They have one man to thank for leading the charge. Game 6 Klay. In a game where All-Stars Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins were having a tough time getting started, Klay Thompson took the court with the intention to wrap things up.

Klay started the game off with 11 points, going 3/3 from the deep. He finished the game with 30 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 blocks, going 8/14 from the deep.

30 PTS 8 REB 3 BLK 8-14 3P

Headband Klay in Game 6 is unstoppable. pic.twitter.com/uHBjSVPnks

Kevon Looney had a brilliant game too, grabbing 22 rebounds, 11 of which came on the offensive glass. Stephen Curry rose up in the 4th, finishing the game with 29 points.

As the game was about to end, Klay celebrated by showing 6 fingers, marking yet another Game 6 performance for the record books.

Klay Thompson puts six fingers up as the Warriors near a Game 6 win over the Grizzlies. pic.twitter.com/IVNilw81Jf

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The man, The myth, The legend. It has been 1065 days since the Warriors were in a Game 6, and sure enough, Game 6 Klay made sure his presence was felt. Known for his extraordinary performances in Game 6. Thompson has scored 25 or more in 6 of his last 7 Game 6s, dating back to 2016.

After the game, Klay was hyped about the same as well.

A hyped Klay Thompson after his Game 6 performance pic.twitter.com/le2dT5t37D

— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) May 14, 2022

NBA Twitter loved his performance tonight, and let the same be known.

Klay pulling up for Game 6 pic.twitter.com/RhWbNUWCXo

I’m taking Game 6 Klay over ANY player in NBA history 🗣 pic.twitter.com/vHboxAKxVa

Michael Jordan? Nah, I’ll take Headband Game 6 Klay!

That Game 6 Klay celebration almost made me cry

— Shohei Ohtani Stan Account (@AndyKHLiu) May 14, 2022

941 days between games. Coming back from a torn ACL and a torn Achilles. Sacrificed the last year of his 20s and the first year of his 30s to rehab. And he goes for 30 with eight rebounds and eight 3s to clinch a final four berth.

Friends: Game 6 fuckin’ Klay. https://t.co/BIVawBD0eH

After being out for almost 1000 days…

His First Game 6 since he came back…#KillaKlay does it again… the legend of #Game6Klay grows pic.twitter.com/ctunaFwfQz


Game 6 Klay knocks out the Grizzlies pic.twitter.com/PRLWA60wNK

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Hopefully, Klay uses the momentum he built here and continues to torch the opponents in the upcoming Conferecne Finals.

Michael Jordan’s name is often uttered in the same breath as the Chicago Bulls. The…

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