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If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's our collective obsession with crumpets. Yes? Oh! And Zoë Foster Blake. Everyone LOVES Zoë Foster Blake. 

You probably used to read her Cosmo pages back in the day. Have a beaten-up copy of Air Kisses on your bookshelf. Feel like you know her. Reckon you'd actually be best friends.

I've interviewed her before, and honestly, you should never meet the people you admire. Unless, of course, it's Zoë Foster Blake. You should ALWAYS meet her. She's great. (You can read my full interview with her here).

Watch: How Zoë's makeup routine has changed since becoming a mum. Post continues below.

Because as a successful beauty mogul and founder of one of Australia's biggest skincare brands, Go-To Skincare, she just knows a lotta stuff. Including what's good to put on your face.

That's why I thought it would be helpful to pull together everything Zoë Foster Blake uses in her skincare routine - including the top tips she's shared with Mamamia.

So, hush. Please make yourself a coffee/tea/whiskey, take a seat, and have a read about everything Zoë puts on her face.

The best part of Zoë's morning skincare routine? There's not eleventy million steps. It's simple. Effective. Gives you time to do other stuff, like eat breakfast and practice judo.

She shared on Go-To's website: "[Every morning] I put on my headband, and wash with Properly Clean ($31), which gently cleanses but never leaves my skin dry or tight."

Important thing I learnt: When it comes to the best way to apply serum, Zoë told me to always apply it to damp skin after cleansing.

Yes, friend. You're supposed to apply your serums when your skin is damp.

So, after towelling off, she uses a facial mist (in the Instagram tutorial below, she uses Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist, $40).

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Why the face misting before the serum-ing?

She calls it the 'sponge technique'. "You can't hope to clean a bench with a dry sponge - you have to dampen it first, so things can absorb," she told me.

Next, the serums! She uses Much Brighter Skin, $59. 

When I asked her during our interview what her major skin concerns were, pigmentation was up there as the most niggling one - so, it makes sense she's on the brightening bandwagon and using daily vitamin C. (She also dished out a whole load of other helpful pigmentation advice - so read this if you're looking for some tips!).

"I mist my face, apply it and let it sit for 60 seconds. I use that time to put my lash serum on and do my brows," she told me.

Another golden nugget she shared? Always PRESS your serums and oils in, instead of rubbing them into the skin. 

Pressing or patting products into your skin is generally gentler and minimises the chances of pulling or dragging at your skin. Also, feels nice. 

She told Mamamia, "I come in with Face Hero ($45) and I press it in instead of rubbing (because that's going to disrupt the vitamin C)."

On Go-To's website, she also adds, "If I am puffy, this is where I use my ice roller, which I keep in the freezer. I just wince and hold it on my eyelids and roll my jawline and cheeks for a few minutes."

Next? Usually moisturiser. But on Instagram, Zoë said the hydrating combination of the serum and face oil is usually enough for her skin.

Instead, she skips the moisturiser and applies an SPF product.

She told Mamamia, "It's a super simple morning routine. I don't have time to f**k around. I've got five minutes to get ready. The kids are screaming downstairs, they want their porridge..."

Okay! The PM routine. Here's what Zoë puts on her face in the evening. Are you excited? Intrigued?? SAME. And I already know what she uses!

"At night, sometimes I double cleanse, sometimes I don't," she tells us in her Instagram tutorial. She goes on to say this usually depends on how much SPF and makeup she's wearing. 

Similar to her morning routine, she starts off with her water-based cleanser - Properly Clean, $31.

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"When it comes to serum layering, the general rule is to start with the most active to least active. While my skin is dry, I'm going to quickly mist because that helps with the penetration of the next product."

Yay for this being a thing we all know now!

Next, she exfoliates, using Exfoliating Swipeys, $46 - which is an AHA.

"This is our chemical exfoliant and we use lactic acid, because it's very gentle. It's fine for sensitive skin and it's hydrating."

In the tutorial, she goes on to say that if your skin can tolerate AHAs you can leave this on. If not, leave it for 60 seconds, then give it a rinse. 

"My skin is fine, so I'm going to keep moving forward. I'm just going to let that dry for a second, though. I only use Swipeys two to three times a week."

"Obviously I would go from cleansing to misting, straight to my new friend Much Plumper Skin ($48)."

Again, ZFB stresses how important it is to apply this to damp skin because this will help it do its best work. She uses about half a dropper full, rubs it in between her hands and then pushes it into her skin.

"I want a thin film of this serum over my whole face. No fragrance, no stickiness, no tackiness - just like a beautiful ghost."

And I'll now only ever refer to fast-absorbing serums as 'beautiful ghosts'.

"So, once that's all pushed in and pressed in - it feels great, there's no reside after 10 to 20 seconds - I'm going to go onto Face Hero ($45). It does a different job to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is going to draw moisture to the skin. This guy is pure nourishment."

Zoë then presses it into her face, explaining how it gives her skin a lovely glow and bounce.

"If you push it on top of that serum, you've got a wonderful sandwich of humectant and occlusive."

"And then I'm going to finish with the 'top blanket', we'll call it, of Very Useful Face Cream, $45."

She also pushes this into her skin. "I'm a pusher, not a massager now because I think it makes more sense to push things in rather than disturb what I've already put on beforehand."

She goes onto say she gets asked a lot of questions on the correct order of moisturiser and face oils - explaining that it all really depends on what moisturiser you're using. Something like Very Useful Face Cream is a thick occlusive with oils and butters - so it's best used last.

"If you use a water cream, a gel cream or a lightweight oil-free lotion, then you'll want to finish with your oil, because whatever is heaviest and thickest should be going on last," she said.

And that's it! Zoë's very simple, doable, non-scary skincare routine that we're totally going to copy.

"I've cleansed, I've exfoliated, I've added my hydration booster, I've nourished and I've moisturised."

Sounds pretty dang thorough to us! 

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